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2011 Vicky&Pinky Travel Around Enrope 88 days (June~August)

Ten years ago (2000~2001), we spent 400 days cycling around Europe, visiting 18 countries, it brought us endless artistic and cultural nourishment and spiritual energy. We decided to visit our European friends and look forward to bring more treasures and memories back to Taiwan. 88 days in Europe will be unforgettable journey for us.

Hope you enjoy the photos and vedios we made during this journey. Have a great summer!

1. Holland  (2011/6/5~6/22 )

Holland is our lucky country. We met Dutch friend Jurrien in Swan Sea, Tasmania at the end of 1999. We visited and stayed with his parents Jan Piet & Alie in 2000. Jurrien's family is like our family in Holland. He came to visit us in Taiwan on 2005, then brought his parents to Taiwan in 2007. There are strong connections between us. We wish the friendship between Taiwan and Holland will last forever. 

 2011/6/8  Vicky&Pinky Primary School Speech "Dream is power”

 2011/6/8  Vicky&Pinky Amsterdam Bike Shop Speech "Cycle Around Taiwan”


 2011/6/10-13 Vicky&Pinky “De Wereldfietser” Cycling Camping DIY Weekend 


 2011/6/17  Vicky&Pinky Den Hage Speech "Holland vs Taiwan"

 2011 The Friendship between Taiwan and Holland 


 2011/6/20 JanPiet’s Birthday Party

 2011VP Europe Journey : Jurrien Family, Holland

 2011VP Europe Journey : Batavia, Holland

 2011VP Europe Journey : Leiden,Holland

More articles&photos:

 Holland:Cyclists Paradise (2000)

 Dutch Cyclist cycling around Taiwan (2004)


2. Denmark  (2011/6/22~6/29)

We had an unforgettable time with Linda&Jorgen in Denmark. We first met in 2000, then they came to visit us in Taiwan 3 years later (2003), it's the third time for us to be together and celebrate Linda's birthday.

 2011.6.22 The journey from Holland to Denmark

2011/6/26 Linda Happy Birthday


 2011/6/26 Sailing in Denmark

2011 Copenhagen, Denmark  丹麥哥本哈根

 2011 Denmark: Visiting Schools

 2011/6/23 Mid-summer in Denmark

 2003 Linda's Family visiting Taiwan


3. Berlin, Germany (2011/6/29~7/3 )

 2011 Berlin, Germany 德國柏林

4. Prague, Czech Republic.  (2011/7/3~11) 

  2011 Prague, Czech

5. Pudapest, Hungary (2011/7/12~14)

 2011The spirit of Budapest, Hungary


6. Vienna, Austria  (2011/7/14~19) 

 2011The Melody of Vienna

 2011 Vienna Café

7. Switzerland (2011/7/19~27;8/27-30)

  2011 Swiss: One week in Bonigen


 2011VP Swiss: Marcelo Home-Made Pizzas

 2011VPSwiss: Open-air Cinema Camping

 2011 VP Swiss: Happy day in Biel

2001-2011  The friendship between Swiss & Taiwan. One Planet, One Family.

More articles&photos:

 Swiss:Regula&Marcello's Family (2000)

 Swiss:Sandra&Phillip's Family (2000)

 2007 Regula visiting Taiwan 



8. Italy (2011/7/27~8/10) 

 2011 Roman Holiday

  2011 Sisily: The Big Blue

  2011  Italy: Venice

9. Cluny & Paris, France (2011/8/13-21)

 2011 Cluny, France: Maison Médiév

 2011 VP French Dining Table

 2011 France-Taiwan Culture Exchange

 CLUNY, Maison Médiévale: Jean-Luc's Blog

 France:French Cyclist's Gift (2000)

 2011 VP Paris France

10. Freiburg, Germany (2011/8/21~27 )


 2011 Freiburg : Black Forest Hiking

 2011 VP France Alsace




 2011 April : Kristiine & Birgit visiting Taiwan 

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dear vicky and pincky: so happy to see u two are happy and safe in europe. thank u for sending to me the books. i read them very carefully again that made me touching beyound the words. wish u two happy and safe every monent! sheri(聖麗)
聖麗 於2011-07-15 11:33:21回應 1樓

We are glad you like the books.They are the beautiful memories for us.

After a long flight , due to some delays in the airports (Zurich-Amsterdam-Bangkok-Taiwan),
it took us almost 24 hours to be back to Taichung.

Finally we were in our lovely place . Cathy and our cats Muse&Yuki gave us a warmest welcome.

We opened all the gifts we got from Europe and all the memories suddenly came back to our heart.
How lucky we are to have so many friends(more like family) in different countries.
The love and friendship we have made us feel we are so rich in the world.
版主於2011-09-04 15:45:36回應

Lost u when my hard drive crashed, and new address now for me as well. Love to hear from you.
Sadly David died in June 2012 and I am living here alone now. He was in a nursing home suffering from dementia for almost 2 years before his death and was in a wheelchair, so it was a sad time.

Hope you ar e both well and happy!

Love Ann
Ann Creber 於2013-01-04 10:37:52回應 2樓